Dear valued guests,

Warmest greetings from Rama Residence Padma,

Thank you for your being loyal with us. We highly value the endless support you have extend to us and put in us for your future travel plans or events. In the current climate of uncertainty surrounding travel, we would like to ensure you that the clean, safety, security, comfort and well-being of our guests as well as our staff is of paramount importance as always.

With COVID-19 becoming a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, we would like to convey our deepest sympathies to all people and countries that are being affected by this unprecedented event, and Indonesians who have been confirmed positive with COVID-19 in the country. A great amount of appreciation and respect also goes to those who are on the front line working endlessly to contain this situation.

In this time of uncertainty with the progression of the COVID-19 outbreak, Rama Residence Padma assures you that your safety remains our top priority. Rama Residence Padma is committed to focus on the health and safety of all our guests and all employees. We have been adhering to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and we are adopting all the published standard recommendations to reduce the exposure of the illness.

We take a great care in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene throughout hotel, restaurant, and all hotel facilities. During this pandemic and global fight against COVID-19, we have taken a serious precaution to ensure our hotel is a safe and healthy environment for our guests as follows:

  1. Rama Residence Padma employees have been continuously updated with important information related to COVID-19 and provided with the knowledge on the importance of good hygiene and cleanliness. Hygiene protocol signage is installed in every public area.
  2. Washing of hands and usage of masks and gloves is reminded through multiple channels including daily briefings as well as signage in all key employee areas.
  3. We have increased the of the frequency on cleaning and sanitizing of all common public areas in the resort as well as high touch point areas such as guests rooms, elevators, door handles, railings, restaurants and kitchens using international standard disinfectants and the use of Electrostatic Machines when high intense disinfection is needed, and much more.
  4. Every guest upon arriving in our hotels, all incoming luggage is sanitized prior to entering the hotel area and guests body temperature will be scanned by a thermal scanner.
  5. Increasing the cleaning and disinfecting protocol in the room after guests depart and prior to the next guests’ arrival.
  6. Face mask and hand sanitizer is provided at complimentary in every room.
  7. Hand sanitizer is available at hotel’s outlets and public area.
  8. For our guests convenient, menu at the restaurant is available digitally which can be accessed via scanned QR Code through individual smart phone.
  9. Adjusting food and beverage in accordance to the latest food safety recommendation.
  10. Partnership clinic is available with doctor on call 24/7.
  11. The team has been well-trained accordingly to the latest guidelines and hygiene protocol and will continue monitoring the situation to ensure the safety of our guest.

Here we show some photos of our clean, healthy and safety activities at Rama Residence Padma.

We are doing our utmost to provide you with a very safe and healthy during your stay at Rama Residence Padma. As the New Normal continues to develop, we are committed to constantly adapting and implementing new and available technology or systems to ensure a safe environment, for all staff and guests. We hope and pray that you are safe and healthy.

Thank you for your comprehension and we look forward to welcoming you to the hotel.


The Management