Asian Spice Restaurant

The legendary exotic dishes of the East have captivated the palates of gourmands around the world.
Asian Spice representing culinary highlights of selected Asian countries takes you on a personalized delightful gourmet trip to these countries in the comfort of an aesthetically decorated restaurant in Legian, Bali.
Enjoy the charm and the exotic feel of Batavia during the colonial era as depicted by its art deco.
A great place to have all-day dining with family or companions, either on the street side while watching the world go by or in the open-air green garden section at the back indulging the reminiscence favorite by repeaters and loyal customers.

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Asian Spice 1
Asian Spice 2
Asian Burger
Asian Platter - 7 resize
Duck Salad - 2
Grill Duck Breast Orange Sauce - 2
Ikan Bakar Ala Jimbaran - 6
Indian Biryani Rice - 4
Laksa Soup - 14
Nasi Campur - 4
Thai Green Chicken Curry - 3
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